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Recently, Swiss Finance Academy consolidated its platform. ​

Once a year we invest in training summa cum laude Ivy League and equivalent juniors and seniors by teaching and training them about investment banking, private equity and hedge funds. We provide full scholarship to every accepted student. ​

The selected students move to Switzerland or London for 3 months, during which we work intensively with them to get their knowledge and skills to the highest possible level, and refine their interview pitch to potential employers. ​

Each cycle culminates with a Super Saturday, when students present themselves to a carefully selected, invite-only audience of potential employers. ​

But Swiss Finance Academy does not end on Super Saturday. We and the Academy alumni network continue to help the program graduates during their entire careers.


About Swiss Finance Academy®

Swiss Finance Academy is headquartered in Switzerland. It provides 'seed' capital-markets knowledge to the brightest young minds in the world. ​ At Swiss Finance Academy our goal is to get you into the door. The right door. This means building your skillset to an impressive enough level to obtain a job offer from a great institution.

Why Switzerland? ​ Well, Switzerland is our home. Even the idea of creating something so amazing came to us in Switzerland. Swiss Finance Academy was naturally founded in Switzerland. Swiss Finance Academy has a Swiss Board of Directors and a deep history. And of course, we love to ski in the Swiss Alps.

Our Services - Training and Education

Investment Banking

All aspects of transaction origination, structuring and processing.


From portfolio management to risk; their modern tools and technologies.

Hedge Funds

Developing offering memorandums, structuring products, raising funds, and executing complex strategies.


What happens at Swiss Finance Academy?

We ask accepted students to move to our site for the duration of their cycle, during which we work intensively with them to get their skills up to scratch. Each cycles culminates in an event called Super Saturday, at which the students interview with a number of world's top recruiters. ​

How can I get the skills and training? ​

Apply online for our next cycle if you qualify. ​

Why didn't you accept me? ​

There is not likely to be a good explanation, particularly if you seemingly met all the criteria. Please don't take it personally. Even the best boards are quite bad at picking winners in life. ​

Is there an application fee? ​

No. ​

Can I re-apply?

No. ​

Which schools are target schools? ​

At this time we are able to accept applications only from students who will graduate with a BA from one of the following schools within the next 2 years:

Brown University, Columbia University, Dartmouth College, Harvard College, MIT, Oxford University, Princeton University, Stanford University and Yale University. ​

Can I apply if I am not one of the target schools you listed? ​

Unfortunately, no, because while we recognize that there is talent to be found at all schools, at this time we must focus our limited resources on certain target schools. (Only a limited exception may be available for top 1% Swiss nationals pursuing full time graduate programs in advanced physics and computer science). ​

Can I apply if my GPA is a bit lower than the minimum of 3.75 you stated? ​

No. ​

Can I apply if I am not a college junior or senior? ​

No. ​

I already have a job offer from a Wall Street firm. Can I apply. ​

Yes. ​

I don't really want to work in finance. Can I apply? ​

Yes. ​

Can I participate without moving to where your training site is? ​

No. ​

Do I have to be a citizen of any specific country or countries? ​

No. ​

Can you get me visa? ​

We don't get directly involved with visas, but can put you in touch with a local alum who can refer you to a good immigration lawyer. We will provide the relevant documentation. ​

Can you provide housing?

No. Ultimately, accepted students are responsible for their own living arrangements.

I am on full financial aid at my school and don't have money for travel or living expenses. Can you help me? ​

Yes. If you are accepted and are on significant financial aid at your home university, we will grant financial aid to help cover most necessary living expenses and one flight.

I can't attend the program, but will you give me advice? ​

Unfortunately, we can't. Our time is limited.

Is interview a part of the admission process?

Generally, yes.

Do you do reference checks? ​

Yes, we may have several detailed and lengthy conversations with your professors and / or former employers. ​

Will someone from Swiss Finance Academy meet with me? ​

Unfortunately, we can meet only those candidates we are considering accepting to the program, if we feel we need to. ​

I would like to work for Swiss Finance Academy. ​

We prefer to hire from our own alumni base. ​

Can I pay or make a large donation to attend? ​

No. ​

Does Swiss Finance Academy charge fees from recruiters?​ ​


For this program, Swiss Finance Academy does not charge any fees from recruiters or anyone else. Swiss Finance Academy depends on the generocity of its founders. ​

You don't charge any fees for this program. What's in it for you? ​

We enjoy helping bright students. We like to hire from our alumni pool. Our network is highly resourceful and a great club. ​We may charge for other services or programs.

What are the Minimum Qualifications?

To be able to qualify for application at this time, you must be in the top 5% of your class at a school listed below. Typically, we are looking for summa cum laude designation from certain listed Ivy League schools (and 2 additional schools.) If your GPA is less than 3.75 or if you do not attend one of the following listed schools, we do not encourage you to apply because your chances of acceptance are not meaningful. ​

We no longer accept applications from a wide range of schools and students, and we do not accept working professionals to our 3 month cycle either. ​

At this time, we are accepting applications from 3.75+ GPA juniors and seniors enrolled at only the following colleges and universities: ​

Brown University

Columbia University

Dartmouth College

Harvard College


Oxford University

Princeton University

Stanford University

Yale University

A top ranked Swiss University (Select Swiss nationals (top 1% class rank) enrolled in full time, advanced Physics & Computer Science graduate degree programs only)


Write to Us

If You Meet All the Qualifications Stated on the FAQs Page, We Welcome Your Interest.

Our Verbier Address:

Swiss Finance Education SARL
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For a prompt, environment friendly and timely response, please use email as the preferred mode of communication.